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Grand piano (from baby grand
to concert grand)


Historical keyboard instruments

Tuning with all temperaments
(equal, unequal, historical
and modern) and in
required pitch

A grand piano of 5.9 feet length tuned in a4=442 Hz has a total load hauled
of approximately 16 tons! A Steinway & Sons D-274 concert grand equally
tuned has a total load hauled of more than 20 tons! Such enormous tensions
need to be kept in perfect balance.

It is my goal to offer an optimally balanced tuning for your instrument,
including your personal vision of its sound.

Every piano got its individual sound pattern, which needs to be balanced
precisely to develop its major depth of sound. Then you can focus on your
passion again: playing music. To keep it in that state I recommend two
tunings per annum: one at the beginning of the heating period and one after
its ending. It takes 1,5 to 2 hours for tuning an instrument when it is already
in the range of the required pitch.

An instrument which has not been tuned for two years or longer loses a
remarkable part of the total tension. This process is especially noticeable on
young or restringed instruments because of their recent strings, which rather
tend to sag. In such a case at least one rough tuning is essential to increase
and stabilize the tension. A rough tuning takes one hour at most.

Each tuning includes checking the whole area of regulation and toning
to inform you about the current condition of your instrument.